Friday, June 14, 2013

Catch up again

The last few weeks have been unusally busy.  Jeff has been working a LOT!  It's a miracle if we see him before 8 or 9 at night.  I've been picking Blair up and coming home and getting everything ready for dinner, get her bath, books, etc. done for the night and getting her to sleep.  Then it's on to getting things ready for the next day.

Today is a vacation day for me.  We had some other plans made, but those changed so I"m just hanging out with Blair.  She's getting to sleep in today and I -well I should be too but I"m up blogging and cleaning.

A recap of the last few weeks.

Blair got to go to her first parade- albit- a tractor parade we just happened to drive up to last weekend.  We knew it was in the area, but didn't know it would be in our town.

We went out to celebrate Grandma Iverson's birthday last weekend.

We went and visited Tim & Lindsay and Blair got to meet Tottie & Bailey.

We have been to several softball games.  Jeff & I are both playing, although I haven't played much because it's too late to have Blair out and way past her bedtime.  Jeff hasn't played a lot because he's been working so much.

Blair and I have gone on lots of walks-loving that it's actually warm now and it's some what summer.

We have lots of things coming up in the next few weeks so hopefully I can stay on top of blogging them and get some extra blogs in here and there too!