Wednesday, June 19, 2013

1 year ago

One year ago was a day we will never forget. It was our first appointment at the OB after the initial blood work. Jeff and I went and were both nervous because I was told I'd have my first ultrasound. I was around 6 weeks along. I remember being so nervous and just praying everything was okay. We had the ultrasound first and I will never forget when they pointed out our baby. The tech then said well there it is and there is only one. I looked at Jeff and he said dang I was hoping for twins. The the tech saw the flicker of the heartbeat. I believe that was when tears started we had a healthy baby growing with a strong heartbeat. We got some pictures ones we will cherish forever.

The first picture of 'baby Iverson' as we referred to the baby during the pregnancy. 

Baby Iverson aka Blair 1 year later.   5 months old!

A day we will always remember that brought us the best gift ever our daughter.