Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Midweek Randoms

Today I'm linking up with Megan at In this Wonderful Life.  Check out her kiddos- so cute!

-Last night Jeff & I picked more green beans and canned them.  We are going to love having these this winder.

-The rain we are getting could stop for a few days at least.  I'm getting tired of seeing soybean and corn fields with large lakes in the middle of them!  Oh and my hubby works in agriculture so this rain affects him a lot!  Last year we couldn't get a drop of rain- this year it isn't stopping.

- We have been really bad about not planning out our meals the last week or so.  Last night we had frozen pizza and then I topped of the horrible eating with. . .  an Ice Cream cone.  Tonight will be better grilled pork chops, fresh green beans, and a salad

-  The drive to and from work is getting so boring, I need to find a good book to listen to or a good cd or something

- Blair has been so much fun this week.  I've said it before but she rolls all around the room when you put her on her blanket on the floor.  She's getting mobile- guess I better start baby-proofing.

-  My busy season at work is just a few weeks away- not looking forward to it.

-Adult league softball will be over next week.  I think this is my last year, just takes away too much time at home- even if it is only 1 night a week.

-I'm looking forward to our weekend, even if it will be busy again.  Blair will get to meet some family she hasn't met yet and we get to celebrate our nation!