Monday, February 21, 2011

Another rambling post...

So I still cannot find the charger for my camera and!  This week is out of the ordinary for sure.  Jeff is out of town all week for a work training seminar so normally I would be home by my lonesome with Kuba.  However, Jeff is out of town and so are his parents which means Natalie is the one that get to watch over his younger brother Michael.  Mike has been with me since Friday and went out bowling with us and some friends on Saturday night.  We had a great time and lots of laughs.  Michael is here until at least next Saturday when his parents return.  I might complain about it but it beats being at home by myself all week.  Plus it gives me someone else to cook for instead of just myself.

Recently, I have started to follow the Paleo diet.  I have always had issue with stomach aches and some other issues.  But since I have started following this, I have honestly felt better.  Within a matter of a few days my stomach aches were gone and my almost daily headaches have subsided.  I did have a headache today, but I am blaming that solely on the weather we are having.  Today has gone from a foggy mess this morning to rain and now it's snowing.

Tonight for dinner I made a chicken stir-fry- yummy!  After eating I relaxed for a little while and then went up to the gym.  Tonight I did the elliptical and the stationary bike.  I went a total of 7.5 miles and felt great. I'm on a mission to get back in shape and it's great to have Jeff go with me when he's home.

Right now, I am listening to my high school Lady Mustangs play in their Super-Sectional Game.  If they win- they go to the state tournament on Friday afternoon.  They are leading in the 4th quarter and hope that they can pull off a win and make school history again.  Go Lady Stangs!!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Our lives have been pretty busy lately, and I can't find the charger for my camera needless to say there will not be any pictures :(.  Last weekend my aunt and uncle from New Hampshire were home so we spent Saturday with them in Saybrook.  It was fun to get to relax with them and catch up.  Saturday evening we went to a 30th Birthday Party for my brother Nathan and Montana Mikes in Champaign.  It was a good time and Nathan got a Bristol Race package from Jena and they will be headed there next month.

Sunday was a recovery day- I think Jeff & I probably slept 50% of the day!

This week has been going well.  Yesterday I took a day off of work to go spend with my best friend Jen and her little guy Noah.  Noah is just about 1 1/2 and is adorable!  He's such a boy and into everything.  Jen has about 6 weeks left in her 2nd pregnancy and I'm anxious to see if I will have another niece or nephew.  I think niece but we'll find out when the baby arrives.  The baby will be here no later than April 1- and Jen is in a wedding on April 2!  Please pray that this baby makes it's arrival about March 20th- so Jen has some time to adjust before having to be matron of honor in her brother's wedding.  We had a great day yesterday just hanging out and catching up.  Today is back to work...only 2 more days..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What a week....

It has been a busy week around here.  This past week we got the Blizzard that pretty much the rest of the US got too.  We had about 18 inches of snow.  That is more than I ever remember having in my lifetime.  I was off of work Tuesday and Wednesday.  I took Tuesday off because I wasn't going to chance not getting home from work.  But on my days off I did a lot of cooking and tried out some new recipes that were pretty yummy.

THe Hubby and Kuba ready to start scooping

Jeff dug a path to the front door- through the 3 foot drift
Kuba loved playing in the snow until he got cold and then he was ready to go back inside.

We made a call to our friend Nate, who came and dug us out!  THANK YOU NATE!
While Jeff was working outside, I made a cheery pie.  I also made a roast to make enchiladas, which were soooo good!  I also made a venison roll with some bread and it was also very good.  I'm making it  a goal to try new recipes that I have not tried before.  We have tried about 5-7 new recipes in the last week, and luckily they have all been good.  I just found a recipe for beef and broccoli stir fry and I cannot wait to try it out.  I love to go to Chinese places and order that.  Hopefully we'll be trying that in the next week or so.

This weekend marks the SuperBowl, I mean Good Commerical's on TV!  The Chicago Bears should be playing, but since they aren't we are going to root against the Green Bay Packers.  Funny story- I take Interstate 39 to/from work- the last few days I have seen lots of Packer vehicles traveling south.  Last night I saw a bright yellow van with a slice of cheese on top of it.  Really?  Are they that crazy about the Packers?  I assumed they were headed to the SuperBowl, but if it were me, I would not be caught in a van like that!  SOOO GOO STEELERS!

Hopefully this coming week I'll be a little more on top of posting- Next weekend is a big weekend- My Aunt & Uncle are coming home from New Hampshire and my big brother turns 30!