Monday, February 21, 2011

Another rambling post...

So I still cannot find the charger for my camera and!  This week is out of the ordinary for sure.  Jeff is out of town all week for a work training seminar so normally I would be home by my lonesome with Kuba.  However, Jeff is out of town and so are his parents which means Natalie is the one that get to watch over his younger brother Michael.  Mike has been with me since Friday and went out bowling with us and some friends on Saturday night.  We had a great time and lots of laughs.  Michael is here until at least next Saturday when his parents return.  I might complain about it but it beats being at home by myself all week.  Plus it gives me someone else to cook for instead of just myself.

Recently, I have started to follow the Paleo diet.  I have always had issue with stomach aches and some other issues.  But since I have started following this, I have honestly felt better.  Within a matter of a few days my stomach aches were gone and my almost daily headaches have subsided.  I did have a headache today, but I am blaming that solely on the weather we are having.  Today has gone from a foggy mess this morning to rain and now it's snowing.

Tonight for dinner I made a chicken stir-fry- yummy!  After eating I relaxed for a little while and then went up to the gym.  Tonight I did the elliptical and the stationary bike.  I went a total of 7.5 miles and felt great. I'm on a mission to get back in shape and it's great to have Jeff go with me when he's home.

Right now, I am listening to my high school Lady Mustangs play in their Super-Sectional Game.  If they win- they go to the state tournament on Friday afternoon.  They are leading in the 4th quarter and hope that they can pull off a win and make school history again.  Go Lady Stangs!!!