Tuesday, January 31, 2012


My amazing hubby got me a Kindle Fire for Christmas!  I didn't ask for one, nor did I know anything about it when I got it.  To say it is amazing is an understatement.  Since I got it I have used it daily.  My list of daily uses 1. Lose It app to track calories, 2. read my most recent book, 3. read blogs online, 4. Words with Friends, 5. Angry birds, 6. Read the local news paper.  I haven't read a ton of books in the last 5 years, okay maybe 1 in the last 5 years outside of school books.  Since Christmas I have read 5 books!!  I have found some really good ones and am always looking for more.  Books I have read so far:

1. 51 dates/50 weeks

A book about a former addict that is rebuilding her life and going on 51 dates in 50 weeks.  A good easy read that I enjoyed.

2.  UnThinkable
A true story about an amaing man Scott Rigsby.  After an accident he lost both legs, but went on to complete the Hawaii Ironman.  I could not put this book down- I read it in less than 2 days!!  An awesome insipring story for sure.

3.  I was a bad kid- a very short book about a kid and how horrible he realizes he was when he was younger.

4. Heaven is for real- Great book, make you think about life.

5.  Fools Rush In- about a girl who takes over her father's wedding boutique and finds true love in an unexpected fashion.

On my list...
Bossy Pants by Tina Fey
The Hunger Games Series- I have heard great things

Do you have any suggestions?  I am looking for something to read next!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Pinterest and our weekend

I have of course jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon.  I love to waste time looking for new projects, inspiration, recipes, and basically anything that will interest me.  I have done a few projects and have lots more on my list.  Below is one project I did and documented and some pins I have used for inspiration.

The project I did-  http://www.incredibleiversons.blogspot.com/2011/12/blessing-ring.html  I made this with our wedding cards and after Christmas I made one for 2011 with our cards.  I don't have pictures of it, but I'll try and get some.

A yummy recipe- Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies.  These were so good!  I made them 3 or 4 times this fall!
http://www.skinnytaste.com/2011/09/pumpkin-spiced-oatmeal-pecan-cookies.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+weightwatcherspointsrecipes+%28Gina%27s+Skinny+Recipes%29 The best part- they are healthy!!!

Asparagus Gratin- this was so yummy- Jeff and I ate the whole batch. 

I used Mozzarella and it was still good.  We are asparagus fans at our house and will be trying this again.  http://apronappeal.blogspot.com/2011/06/asparagus-gratin.html

In other news, not much going on.  Saturday we went to Saybrook.  I went to a Norwex party at Kelli's and got to see the girls.  It's always fun to see them and see how much they have grown.  I ordered a few new Norwex items- I love everything I have.  The best part- it's chemical free!!
Aubrey was looking super cute!  Mady was taking a nap for the majority of the time I was there, but I did get to spend some time with her.  Saturday was also my dad's birthday.  We went out to eat with them at Red Lobster and had a great time.  After dinner we met up with Bridget, Kelsie, and Jay and headed downtown Bloomington, but I don't have any pictures :(
We are still bowling in our Sunday night League in Pontiac.  We are not very good, but we have fun so that's all that matters.  No bowling for us next weekend because we will be watching My Team- The Patriots- play in the Superbowl!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lately... (Part I)

As I mentioned in my last post, there have been some things pulling and my heart lately that have made being happy not the easiest.  Both Jeff and I have felt like we are not where we are supposed to be at this point in our lives.  Some situations have made us feel like we are the ones left behind and that we are not doing and or living in the place we should be.  One of the struggles for me lately has been my position at my job. 

When I first started my job in July of 2010 I felt like I was making a great decision.  I would have health insurace, set hours (that didn't include nights), a little of a pay increase, and do something that challenged me.  So here I am now, I have been working this job for over a year and a half and I feel lost.  Lost not in a sense of not know what is going on, but lost in a sense that it is not the job I expected.   I work 8-5 with my commute it is really 7:15-5:50, so I am away a lot.  In addition to that I have taken on a lot of responsiblity at my position, but I feel like I am not using my skills.  I love interacting with people, helping people, and being appreciated. Who doesn't like being appreciated?  I went from working at the gym with lots of support to working in an office with 4 staff members.  It's fine, except when I have customers come in and refer to my office at the morgue it reminds me that I am typically the only one in the office.  I feel like I have little human interaction throughout the day.  It is hard knowing that I have reached the top of where I am going in this position.  And so the search has begun...yet again.....

Another area that I have felt recently is that I am not in the place where I should be.  We live in a small farming community.  I grew up in a town just like this, but it was different.  We both know that there is no opportunity for us where we live.  Our state is in major debt, we don't have any employment potential in the areas surrounding us, and we have felt out of place in our town.  A move has become a very real possibility for us.  We don't know where we will be going but at this point it almost seems eminent.  I had been contemplating this for awhile, but had a dream the other night we put our house on the market.  Normally, I would expect that the be a sad dream, but I was so happy.  I almost had a sense of security knowing that it is what we should do.  We should bite the bullet and look elsewhere for employment.  I am not one to say God let me know what was the right thing to do, but honestly I think that dream was a sign.

To be continued......

Like a sign I've seen. "Home is where my husband is"

heart strings

Lately I have had a lot pulling at my heart.  I will explain later, but for know just know that the people below are great- we know we can talk to any and each of them whenever we need to.  We have the best friends we could ask for.

Have a great day!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Late Christmas and New Years

New Year's eve a group of our friends got together and headed to Peoria.  After dinner we headed home and had fun!

Chunk getting set up to DJ

Jeff and I!  We celebrated 8 years together on January 1 :)  So glad that things worked out the way they did and I have a great person to spend the rest of my life with!

After new years day, we celebrated Christmas with my dad's side of the family.  We got together ate (way to much), played a gift exchange game, and caught up with each other's lives.  We missed the New Hampshire clan, but had a great time!

Sid and Nathan playing Ang*ry Birds on my kindle

Most of the group.  Dan, Darby, Kelli, Kerry, Nathan, Sid, Jena, Kory

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sid Day

It has been almost a tradition for Sid to come and spend a day or so with Jeff and I right before Christmas.  This year was no different.  I met my parents and picked up Sid after work on Friday and headed to our house.  On Sid day, he gets to decide where we eat or what we fix at home and then go do something fun.

This year Sid decided he wanted pizza for dinner, not just any pizza though, he wanted Pepperoni Pizza from Monical's.  So we headed to Pontiac to go get pizza and then Jeff and I had a little surprise planned for him.  We took him bowling.

Uncle Jeff helping his first go

He ran back everytime to wait for his ball to come back

He decided he could do it on his own :)

My favorite little man!

His first game he bowled a 93!

2nd Game!

We had a lot of fun and he almost beat me!  We bowled 3 games and he was ready to keep bowling but it was getting late so we headed home.

The next morning Sid wanted cinnamon rolls for breakfast and then he wanted to play with Kuba.  Next, he decided he was ready to play Rock Band.  Uncle Jeff helped him get things set up and played with him for awhile.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

This past Christmas season was great.  We spent time with both of our families and got to see family we hadn't seen in a long time.  The gifts we got weren't so bad either :)

Christmas Eve we have always gone to Saybrook to be with my parents and some cousins.  This year, though, we decided we would just stay at home.  We spent the night cooking dinner together and watching movies.  We had a great time.

Christmas morning we exchanged gifts with each other right after we woke up and then loaded up the car and headed to Saybrook.  Jeff got my a great gift- a Kindle Fire!!!  I was so shocked as I had not asked for it, but he knew that it was a good gift since I had asked for an iPad a long time ago.

In Saybrook all of my family was there.  It's so fun to be their with Sid and Mady and how fun it is for them to open presents.  WARNING: Picture Overload :)

Dad and his flashing light hat!

Sid and Mady passing out the stockings

Kelli and Aubrey opening presents

Dad and his fishing buddies.  Their hats both said Grandpa's fishing buddy.

The boys waiting to open gifts

Sid and Mady giving each other love....actually just trying to tackle each other.

Some of the gifts passed out

Aubrey's gifts being opened...she fell asleep

Mady's turn

Her truck

Mady's princess lunch box

Sid (im)patiently waiting his turn

Sid opening the sleeping bags.  They got 3 and also a tent so they can go camping.

Sid and his Lego's

Kelli excited she got a GPS!

Neil in his Stoneyfield gear from Aunt Kathy & Uncle Den

Neils Sweatshirt

Aubrey woke up and was spending time with Uncle Nathan

Jeff got what he wanted.....more Christmas lights...

and a high powered BB gun

Dad opening his gift from Jeff and I, and Nathan's family

tears were starting to flow here

"No kidding!"  He's going to see Neil Diamond in concert in July.  Neil Diamond is one of his favorite artists and he has never gotten the chance to see him in concert.  Jeff & I decided to splurge on the tickets and get him a Christmas gift he wouldn't forget.  He is very excited!

After we left Saybrook, we headed home and relaxed for a little bit before we headed to be with Jeff's family.  We exchanged gifts, ate, and talked.

Overall, we had a great Christmas and are very thankful for all of the gifts that everyone gave us.