Saturday, January 21, 2012

Christmas 2011

This past Christmas season was great.  We spent time with both of our families and got to see family we hadn't seen in a long time.  The gifts we got weren't so bad either :)

Christmas Eve we have always gone to Saybrook to be with my parents and some cousins.  This year, though, we decided we would just stay at home.  We spent the night cooking dinner together and watching movies.  We had a great time.

Christmas morning we exchanged gifts with each other right after we woke up and then loaded up the car and headed to Saybrook.  Jeff got my a great gift- a Kindle Fire!!!  I was so shocked as I had not asked for it, but he knew that it was a good gift since I had asked for an iPad a long time ago.

In Saybrook all of my family was there.  It's so fun to be their with Sid and Mady and how fun it is for them to open presents.  WARNING: Picture Overload :)

Dad and his flashing light hat!

Sid and Mady passing out the stockings

Kelli and Aubrey opening presents

Dad and his fishing buddies.  Their hats both said Grandpa's fishing buddy.

The boys waiting to open gifts

Sid and Mady giving each other love....actually just trying to tackle each other.

Some of the gifts passed out

Aubrey's gifts being opened...she fell asleep

Mady's turn

Her truck

Mady's princess lunch box

Sid (im)patiently waiting his turn

Sid opening the sleeping bags.  They got 3 and also a tent so they can go camping.

Sid and his Lego's

Kelli excited she got a GPS!

Neil in his Stoneyfield gear from Aunt Kathy & Uncle Den

Neils Sweatshirt

Aubrey woke up and was spending time with Uncle Nathan

Jeff got what he wanted.....more Christmas lights...

and a high powered BB gun

Dad opening his gift from Jeff and I, and Nathan's family

tears were starting to flow here

"No kidding!"  He's going to see Neil Diamond in concert in July.  Neil Diamond is one of his favorite artists and he has never gotten the chance to see him in concert.  Jeff & I decided to splurge on the tickets and get him a Christmas gift he wouldn't forget.  He is very excited!

After we left Saybrook, we headed home and relaxed for a little bit before we headed to be with Jeff's family.  We exchanged gifts, ate, and talked.

Overall, we had a great Christmas and are very thankful for all of the gifts that everyone gave us.