Friday, October 18, 2013

Blair is 9 months


Today you are 9 months old!  I can't believe that in less than 90 days we will be celebrating your 1st birthday!!!

As far as weight and height, I think you are around 18-20 lbs, and I have no idea on height.  You are in a size 2 diaper, Size 6-9 month clothes, and a size 2 or 3 shoe.

You are still nursing, but love your solids!  You eat solids at least 2 times a day, and take bottles while with Grandma.  You still only have 2 teeth, but I think more are on the way.  You love feeding yourself and usually eat at least a few bites of whatever we are having for dinner or lunch.

You go down for the night around 8 and are usually up once in the night to eat and then we have to wake you up most mornings to get dressed.  You aren't much of a morning person- just like mommy & daddy.

You are MOBILE!!!  You crawl every where, pull up to everything, will stand alone next to something without holding on, or even in the middle of the room.  You are getting so strong.  You are also a climber- you have figured out steps, how to climb into your car seat, and try to climb up into the chair or on the couch.  We have so much fun watching you explore.

You love to see Kuba play and just laugh like its the funniest thing ever.

You are "talking"- your favorite thing is to say "Hi DaDa!" We are working on MaMa, but you usually just laugh at us when we say it to you.  You jabber all day long, but when we are home and Daddy isn't you just say dadadada over and over until he's home.  When you see him you squeal and crawl toward him- it melts our hearts.

You love to play, and be on the go.  You are such a good baby, and we have had so much fun this fall doing fun activities.