Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 2: What I Live For

I'm linking up again with Becky at From Mrs to Mama for 52 weeks of blogging.  This week's topic: "What I live for"

I live for family time. I love being home with Jeff and Blair. The days we have nothing are my favorite. Sitting on the floor while Blair squirms around have become interesting. 

I live for extended family. Weekends at my parents house with my parents, brothers, sisters in law, nieces, and nephew. The times we break out in spontaneous games and naps.

I live for the holidays this year especially Christmas. It has always been my favorite and I can't wait for Blair's first. 

I live for the milestones and firsts that we get to experience with Blair

I live for being a mommy. The most incredible job that I could ever have.

I live for weekday afternoons at 515 when I get to pick up my baby girl. I will never tire of the smiles when she sees me. It makes having to work just a touch better knowing that she is happy to see me. 

I live to be the best wife I can be. There are days I don't have things together but I know Jeff still loves me and knows we have rough days. He's my shoulder to cry on and my biggest fan. 

Lastly,  I live for myself. To be the best mom, wife, sister, and ain't I can be. I show my love to those around me and work to make myself the best I can.