Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A catch up of sorts

Our poor IMac had the hard drive crash a few weeks ago. I just had time to take it on last week. Thankfully the tech was able to save our documents and pictures off of the old one. I am now grateful that I hadn't deleted any photos from Blair's birth or since then. You can bet I will be setting up a backup. 

Blair has perfected rolling over front to back and back to front. She seems much happier to be on the move so to say. She has been rolling all over toward toys we move away from her or toward us if we position ourselves away from her. 

We have been busy despite Jeff not getting his typical overtime. The rain seems to be never ending lately. It really needs to stop.  Our garden needs weeded and the rest of the CEOs need to go in.  We made a few trips to Saybrook but never feel like there is enough time there. Grandma great is in the hospital with what we have been told is now a mild stroke. So upsetting no major problems or limitations but its hard on anyone to see a loved one in the hospital. 
More frequent updates in the coming weeks because our computer will be back soon and we got new iPhones. Momma updated from her dinosaur phone and is loving it :)!