Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekly Catch-up

Can we just start calling Thursday's weekly catch-ups?  The past few weeks, Thursday's have been my day to recap the week so far, so it may become a trend around here...unless I can get my booty in gear and start doing Midweek Random's with Megan.

This week has been SO BUSY!  Between Jeff working a lot of hours, and my busy season in full swing, I wonder how we function.  Although, I will say I was worried about us both being very busy and having a baby, it has all just worked it's way and things are no different than when we are working regular hours.  Blair has been great with changes and I am so glad!

Jeff has been working a lot of late nights, and I have just been swamped during the days, so we both come home exhausted, but somehow our exhaustion melts away when we are with Blair.  I will truly say I cannot imagine a night without my Blair time.  We all sit on the floor and play or watch Blair just move all over the place.  She can almost get her self to the sitting position, and is constantly on all 4's rocking.  We are sure crawling is in our very near future!  She's also working on some teeth and those have caused her some pain but she hasn't been horribly fussy with it.

"Our" garden (Shared with friends) is still doing really well.  We picked green beans again early this week and will have tomatoes ready soon.

This weekend Blair and I are heading to the Chicago area for a bridal shower and I am so excited to start the wedding festivities with Tim & Lindsay.  Jeff will be the best man, I am a bridesmaid, and Blair will be a guest- but she has the cutest dress to wear :)