Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July

To catch up from the last few days-

Blair got to celebrate her 1st 4th of July!  We started off celebrating with my family in Saybrook at the Star's and Stripes Celebration.  We took in the parade, had lunch with family, visited with a lot of my friends, and headed home with a very tired baby!

She wore these to avoid the loud noises :)

On the actual Holiday we went to Minonk and watched the parade with Tim & Lindsay.  That afternoon we also had a little cookout with them as well.  We went to fireworks in Pontiac that night, Blair, Lindsay and I took in the fireworks from the truck :)  Blair was asleep and then woke up to the big booms, but she never cried or made a sound.  She did seem startled a few times and looked at me, but overall she did a
great job!
Eating Sweet Potatoes at our little cookout!
Hanging out with Daddy before the parade