Thursday, February 23, 2012

weekly check-in

This week we have been busy!  We have completely gutted our spare bedroom to the studs!  I will give 95% of the credit to my amazing hubby, who last night got the ceiling down and the carpet up.  Soon we will be putting in new insulation and drywall and windows.  We had to start somewhere and the spare room was the place.  I have pictures I will post later.

Last weekend Jeff & I went moonlight bowling and had fun.  I bowled really well so I was pretty happy.  Jeff just got his own bowling ball and got to use it for the first time on Saturday.  He's figuring it out and is doing pretty well.

This week I have been exhausted, but trying to help Jeff on the project as much as I can.  This weekend is booked with all kinds of stuff going on.  We have the cash bash Saturday night, and bowling league again on Sunday.  Hopefully we can catch up on house projects and chores at some point.  I'd also love a nice warm day to get out and run with Kuba.

I don't have any pictures with me so I"ll post more later tonight hopefully.!