Friday, February 3, 2012

20 Things you don't know about me

I've seen quite a a few other bloggers do this.  I have done this a while back, but I figured why not do it again with 20 new things!

1.  My best friend is Ashley, we went to school together from Preschool- Senior year.  I was her maid of honor on June 5ht, 2010 and she was a bridesmad in my wedding!

2.  I started dating my now husband shortly after I turned 18.  We had met 4 years before while on an FFA trip. 

3.  I love to travel.  Jeff & I want to do the 50 before 50- visit all 50 states before we turn 50 years old.

4.  On my mom's side of the family my grandma has 5 sibilings.  One has passed, but the others I see often.  The oldest is 96 years old!
Grandma, Me, Jeff, and Great Aunt Martha at our wedding.  They both look fabulous for their age!

5.  I met some of my best friends while working my first job out of college.  Well technically I was finishing college, but still.  I miss them all of the time!  (Bridget, Kels, Kristi, Russ!)  Miss you all!!

6.  One of the above mentioned friends is in the process of adopting their 2nd daughter from China!  Miss Presley will be joining Kristi's family this summer hopefully!! Check out their blog:

7.  On July 2nd, 2009, Jeff & I got engaged.  After this happened I tried to call my parents because they were on vacation.  I called mom and dad and neither answered, so I took a picture of my ring and sent it to my mom's phone.  The reason they didn't answer was they were on their trip to Alaska and were at the Artic Circle!  They were on a bus when my mom made the comment to someone else, someones phone keeps ringing.  She finally checked her phone and saw the message!  Her phone was then passed around the bus for everyone to see.  We had congratulations messages from people we didn't even know!

9.I was on a volunteer fire department.

10.  I've lost 13 lbs. since Jan. 1 :)

11.  I secretly want to move to a warm place, but know that I would miss the snow if I did.

12.Jeff and I can't wait to live outside of town to have livestock at our home again, like we did growing up.

13.  If someone offered me a job based on what they saw me doing at a former job and it was great pay, but away from my home area.  I would probably take it and fly home to visit.

14.  Our dog, Kuba is a big baby!

15.  I've lost touch with a lot of my old friends, but sometimes I think that may have been a blessing in disguise so that we could reconnect again sometime.

16.  My car is 5 years old and has over 130,000 miles on it- driving 85 miles a day adds up quickly.

17.  I'm going to Disney in June with my parents and older brother's family.  Sadly Jeff can't go, but I'm excited to go.

18.  I would love to one day have a successful blog with lots of visitors :)

19.  I have a love hate relationship with Facebook.  I love I can keep up with old friends, I hate all of the stupid drama!!!

20.  I just wasted 20 minutes trying to think of 20 things about me.

If you visit leave a comment, I'd love to see if there is anyone out there reading.  It's almost the weekend....Thank the Lord!!!