Sunday, December 16, 2012

33 weeks---late again :(

How far along: 33 weeks 3 days

How big is baby: according to Thebump the size of a durian- no clue what that is :S  Doctor on Tuesday said the baby is around the 4 lb. mark!

Weight Gain/Loss: 20 lbs. total

Maternity clothes: Maternity for the most, except for lounging at home.

Stretch marks: Nope

Sleep: Horrible.  I wake up to use the restroom and then I can't fall asleep or I just wake up at 2-3 in the morning and can't get comfortable to go back to sleep.

Best Moment of the Week: Good doctors appointment on Tuesday, being released from the high risk doctor, seeing more progress in the nursery, and the best of all was the sonogram on Tuesday to see the baby is growing well.

Movement: Yes!

Symptoms: Insomnia, tiredness, achey back if I overdue it, nesting.

Food Cravings: Nothing at all.  Some days I have no appetite.  And my apparent intolerance to dairy foods which has come on suddenly.  I have never had issues before, but the last week or so I cannot eat anything with dairy products without feeling horrible after.  So much for that ice cream that once tasted so yummy :(

Gender: We'll find out in January or early February!

Hopefully today I'll feel like getting up and ready and get another bump picture, until then here are some of the un-finished nursery- it will be done soon.  I need to find curtains and that has been slowing down the completion.  We also have some art to hang on the walls which is a quick thing to do.

32 weeks 6 days (close enough to 33 I think :))

Yes-still very unfinished and not ready but it is slowly coming together.

Crib and the Dr. Seuss Quilts from Grandma P.

Dresser/Changing table- there will be some artwork above here.