Tuesday, August 21, 2012

B I G News

There will be a lot more of these around our house soon:
The Highlights:
How far along: 16 weeks 5 days
How big is babyjust over 3 ounces as reported at our last ultrasound 
Weight Gain/Loss: Down 3 lbs. as of today.
Maternity clothes: A few here and there.
Stretch marks: Nope
Sleep: Not great, the multiple trips to tinkle cut into it.
Best Moment of the Week: hitting 16 weeks and knowing the most stressful week of the year is over.
Movement: None yet, but I'm so anxious to feel baby Ivy.
Symptoms: Getting a little energy back, exhausted after a day at work, slowly growing belly.
Food Cravings: None really, although chips & salsa have been really good lately. 
Gender: We'll find out in January or early February!
Labor Signs: None.
What I am Looking Forward too: Experiencing pregnancy and then getting to meet our little one. 
Daddy: Has been fantastic support!  He's my crying shoulder when I'm dealing with pregnancy hormones, has dinner cooking when I get home, and makes sure I'm eating a lot- which I am- just haven't gained weight yet.  I can't wait to see him with our little peanut!

Also, Happy 2nd Anniversary to my amazing Hubby!  I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!