Monday, January 31, 2011

The Weekend

This past weekend was very busy for us (like most of our weekends :)  On Friday we celebrated my dad's birthday.  We called and talked to him on the phone but on Saturday I went out to dinner with him and the rest of my family at CJ's restaurant in Bloomington and then we went to the Ice Races.  Let me tell you that was kind of crazy!!!  At one point there were 27 4 wheelers on a hockey rink racing!  My nephew who is 3 seemed to love it and told Grandpa that he needed a mini dirt bike with training wheels so that he could race next year.  Jeff was also at the ice races, but had bought tickets before we did so he sat with his group of friends.

Saturday morning I ripped out the old flooring in our 1/2 bath and retiled it, I'm almost done just some pieces to cut and grout.  We also got our new vanity for in that bath and are anxious to get it installed.  Sunday after we slept in we decided to run to Menard's ( the store where most of our money goes I feel) and return some things we weren't going to use.  After returns we decided to go browse, ahem, buy more stuff.  We ended up picking up some more laminate flooring so we should have enough to finish now.  Luckily it was on sale again :)  We also picked up some tile to tile around the fire place.  I can't wait to get the floors in and the tiling done and take a little break from remodeling!  Here are some pictures from the weekend...