Monday, January 24, 2011

Looking back

When we got a new computer a few months back, I looked through a lot of old pictures that were on our old computer.  It's so funny to look back to where Jeff & I began over 7 years ago...
Our First picture together in 2004

At Nathan and Jena's wedding
 Being the DJ for my younger brother's After prom Party- just a few days before Jeff left on the wheat run.
2006 when Jeff spent the summer working on the Wheat harvest- looking back it made us so much stronger and I'm forever grateful for the experiences he had.  At that time it was the hardest thing and I cried pretty much every time I talked to him!

2 weeks following our wedding, Jeff was in a wedding of our really good friends Allen & Chasity.  I wish right now I were that tan and just on the way back home from a week in Jamaica.

Coming in the next few days- pictures from Jamaica, and a few new recipes we have tried recently!

Have a good day!!