Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I want Wednesday

Ok so this is not to sound needy, but I have seen some things recently, that I'd love to have in my house if money were no object and there weren't other things to take care of.  So without further ado,

A pair of Frey Boots.  They are gorgeous boots and they have lots of different options, but the price tag- around $350.00!  So not even anywhere close to a possible in my budget!

A new pair of running shoes.  These are Nike Free Run's and I think they are pretty cute- and they look like my old Reebok's that I had that made my shin splints disappear!  Not to bad for just around a $75 bucks.

A week or heck even a few days in Jamaica with Jeff and Blair.  Yes, I would take her with us, we loved Jamaica the first time we visited, and we will be going back in the future.

A home that looks like this at the holidays- I absolutely love this tree!  Yes its over the top, but I think its gorgeous!!!  And yes, we are a Christmas family and I can't wait to get our decorations us and spend Blair's First Christmas with her! (PS-if anybody is awesome at decorating and wants to help- I'll take it ;))