Monday, September 9, 2013

The last weeks of August

I've taken a little blog Vaca- much needed and I was able to get caught up on everything that was needed.

Since I blogged last we have:
-Attended the Farm Progress Show
Jeff, Brian, Abbi, and I all went down to the Farm Progress Show on Thursday.  We were able to look at all kids of new ag equipment and get lots of goodies.  Jeff & Abbi had never been and I think they had a good time and we saw lots of neat things.  It was warm, but not too hot.  Blair stayed with Grandma because it would have been too much for her and it's not exactly the most baby friendly place to go.
Brian Checking out the new Gleaner.

-Celebrated Jeff's 30th Birthday

We had a party at our house- I"ll get pictures from it uploaded soon hopefully!  We had friends and family and enjoyed the evening outside celebrating him!

-Met Sadie & John Luke from Duck Dynasty :)  On the way home from work a local radio station was having a trivia contest.  I just happened to have a good guess and got through on the phone lines and I was right!  YAY!  We love to watch Ducky Dynasty so we were pretty excited!
Funny story about Blair's feet!  In the Line for the Meet & Greet, I had Blair in her carrier.  I had Sadie & John Luke sign our tickets for the game.  It was also Blair's first baseball game.  John Luke said oh I thought you were going to ask me to sign your baby, he said he always wanted to do that.  I saw sure you can sign her and he was really taken aback.  Well needless to say he signed our baby and then told us to wait a minute because he wanted to take a picture of her and her signed foot with his phone.  So now, John Luke has a picture of Blair! :)  We had a good time and Blair enjoyed her first baseball game...asleep for most of it.

-Celebrated my birthday and Labor Day
Blair and Grandpa before the Thresherman's Parade
Nap time before the parade recovering from a late evening at Daddy's birthday party!

-Enjoyed time as a family!  Out little monster is so mobile now!  It is so fun- she will follow you through the house crawling, we have 1 step in our house and she has mastered that, and she has taken a liking to touching Kuba (not sure he is a fan of that!).

Such a ham!