Monday, September 30, 2013


Yesterday, we went back to my hometown, to see my parents and brothers and the rest of our family.  We had family pictures taken for the first time in a long time!

Going back to the place I grew up and all of the things I remember can be hard sometime.  While at my parents house, Blair and I were up in my old room.  It's kind of hard to go up there because that was my bedroom for 20+years.  Much of it is the same, however things have changed.  There are still some of "my things" hanging on the wall, even though I've been gone for almost 4 years now.

Being in that room, I remember having my friend Liz over and playing with our Barbies or cabbage patch dolls.  I stood in there with Blair and reminisced about all of the old memories.
I admit, my room wasn't the cleanest growing up.  There would be days I would decide to clean my room, I'd open the windows and turn on my radio and clean, and clean, and clean.

The Christmas mornings, waking up and going to the other bedrooms to see who was awake.

The sleep-overs with friends- we would stay up too late talking and playing games.

The year I decided to paint my room blue with clouds.

The year I decided that my dad wasn't moving fast enough on ripping out a wall, so I did it myself.

The day I opened my closet to find that the old plaster ceiling had fallen in.

The newspaper clippings from high school.

The high school year books.

The countless pictures of my childhood.

All stored in four walls, memories that I will never forget.  memories I get to share with Blair when she goes to Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Lots more great memories in the town, sadly many things in the town have changed that just make me sad that I have to rely on my memory to see/do them again.