Thursday, February 13, 2014

Window Shopping

I love to just look at things that would be nice to buy at some point- most of which is when money is no object- so I don't see that happening anytime soon.  I'm not a spender- if I buy something it's either a) Needed, b) a gift, or c) not for me.  So today I'm going online window shopping for me and Blair!

First up for Blair:
Hunter Boots- are these not the cutest things ever!  I think ever little farm girl should I have a good pair of "wellys".  They are just so stinking cute and all of the colors I love.  Maybe for Easter or another reason she'll be getting these but I absolutely love them!
A little North Face fleece-Again, I think this is cute.  I will not be buying on though- I cannot justify the $45 for a fleece jacket.  We have a fleece jacket from The Children's Place that is very similar and very good quality.  This is definitely just a looker for us.
A Plasma Car-  I'm kind of kicking myself for not buying these on super sale last fall on Zulily.  It's not that we need another ride on toy to sit in the house right now, but I think Blair would like it when she's older.  They come in lots of colors, so I'll be watching zulily again for a good deal (hopefully!).

Now for my window shopping:  My stuff is obviously more expensive and won't be purchased at any time in the near future :)

1.  I've looked at these boots for probably 2-3 years, but I can in no way, shape, or form justify the cost :(  They look like a good classic riding boot that could be worn for a long time, and be comfortable.  Maybe someday I'll slpurge, but for now they stay on the window shop list :)
2.  Another thing I've looked at many times, but still haven't completely decided on is a Maxi dress.  They look so cute on others, and I will admit, I've never tried one on because I'm so short.  But this Lily maxi is adorbs!

And since I've never really had a high-quality purse- the Coach Borough Bag.  It comes in a grey color which I love because it's so neutral. But the almost $600 not coming out of my pocket!

Oh to window shop.  I love looking and knowing that I can dream!