Tuesday, May 8, 2012

After a 2 am wake up call

Each time the fire pager goes off and my hubby gets quickly out of bed I say I love you and be careful but in reality I say the following:
The pager makes it's beeping noise,
The scanner comes to life.
You see excitement on his face
As he goes off to fight.

No matter what you're doing
Or whatever the current plan,
All you can say is "Later Hon"
As he gets those keys in hand.

You say a little prayer
That God will keep him safe,
That with all the pride and bravery
No one will make a mistake.

You know those men are Brothers
And fiercely will protect
The lives of each other and others--
They will truly give their best!

You and your "man's best friend"
Are both loyal and true.
You keep each other company
Waiting for him to return to you.

And when that front door opens
With "Honey I'm home" again,
You thank the Lord he's back OK,
Your brave and strong Fireman.

Submitted by:
Sherer, Donna, BCARE

I know that him getting home means I can sleep a deep sleep again and not worry about if he is okay.  Although he's an engineer and running the pump you never know if or when he will need to go in a buring home or building.  I grew up in a house of volunteer firefighters and continue to live with one today.  It's always in the back of my mind when the pager goes off I just hope he comes home.

Not to much going on with us.  I've been trying to Launch my Norwex Business which hasn't been hugely successful, but I love the products so I"ll continue to work at it. Contact me if you would like to try some products or host a show :)

Sunday we took a trip to Starved Rock State Park and hiked and had fun!

We are still working on the spare room.  We haven't gotten much done lately because we've both been really busy on the weekends, eventually it will get done.